Home insurance from Baptist Insurance

Our home insurance policy can be adapted to suit the needs of church officials in their work on behalf of the church, or the general needs of your congregation and community. 

Baptist giving

What sets us apart is that all available profits from Baptist Insurance are reinvested back into the Baptist community. By taking out home insurance with us, you’re helping us to do more for communities in need. 

Home insurance features

  • Buildings insurance with an automatic limit of £750,000 
  • Contents insurance with an automatic limit of £75,000 
  • Home emergency cover and legal advice as standard – no extra cost 
  • Automatic 20% increase in contents sum insured for celebrations such as weddings and Christmas.
As with all home insurance policies, terms and conditions apply. We may not be able to quote in all circumstances. If you think you may need a different sum insured to that which we offer as standard please call us on 0345 070 2223


Yes, we have a number of discounts that you may be eligible for. Simply contact us for a no obligation quotation and this can be discussed with you.

Yes there are. These are provided by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd and include confidential legal advice, tax advice as well as health and medical information.

Visit Association of British Insurers website and this will ask you some questions to determine your sums insured for both your contents and for rebuilding your home.

Yes, you can extend your policy to cover personal belongings, valuables and money away from the home. 

Yes there is. This is included in your policy and extends cover for 30 days before and after, and your sum insured is automatically increased by 20% for that period.

You don’t have to worry, because your policy will provide cover for the reasonable cost of alternative accommodation and storage of your contents. 

Flood RE is a joint industry/Government sponsored scheme to enable flood cover to be affordable for those households at highest risk of flooding.

Learn more about Flood RE.

Home Emergency Cover gives you access to our rapid response team of approved contractors ready to repair damage to your home in an emergency. Find out more about Home Emergency Cover. 

Apart from clothing and household linen, Baptist home insurance policies provide new for old cover. That means we replace other insured items as new.

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