A guide to theft of metal

16 September 2019

Metal theft is a continuing issue for churches. The level of risk churches face is different in each case and subject to many variables.

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Roof protection systems for churches

Security protection measures to guard against metal theft don’t need to be expensive, you can read our metal theft prevention guidance and there are a number of common sense and practical measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of metal theft.

These include:

  • Applying a Baptist Insurance-approved forensic property marker, such as SmartWater to metal on the exterior of the church.
  • Prominently display the signage
  • Ensure the forensic property marker is registered.
You can buy additional SmartWater supplies, direct from SmartWater, at a discounted rate to policyholders. SmartWater can also supply signage such as posters, plastic signs and stickers.
For more information please call 0333 320 7797 or email church@smartwater.com.
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