Reduce the risk of an arson attack on your church

01 September 2019

Even small fires can cause serious smoke damage and the consequences of a serious blaze can cause major problems and disruption.

Vector image of house made from matches being set alight

Good housekeeping

By taking simple steps to improve the security of church property you can significantly reduce the risk of arson at little or no cost. Examples include:

  • Try not to accumulate rubbish and combustible waste in or around the church buildings.
  • Petrol and other sources of ignition should be locked away. 
  • Boiler houses should be locked with no combustible waste stored in or around them.
  • Make sure your church is locked overnight.
  • Test your fire extinguishers annually and make sure employees and volunteers are trained in how to use them. 

Additional security measures

If you are concerned about arson at your church there are additional security measures you can install that will act as a deterrent. 

  • Shine a light on areas which are concealed using security lighting. If criminals know they can be seen, they are less likely to attack. 
  • CCTV cameras can help to catch people in the act but also act as a visual deterrent. 
  • Enlist the support of the local community. Start up or join a neighbourhood watch, the more eyes looking for suspicious activity, the better your chances of preventing antisocial behaviour that could lead to arson. 
We have developed a simple, easy to follow checklist to help you review the arson risk and guide you through practical steps to reduce the risk to your church or church hall.

Have you thought about alternative premises?

Services and bookings by outside user groups will have to be held elsewhere. To avoid closing down through lack of facilities, it is a good idea to consider alternative locations for these activities. This will save time in the event of a serious incident.

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