Fire safety

18 August 2019

Fires in churches can cause damage and interruption to church activities. Our fire safety tips can help you identify hazards and minimise the risk of fire.

House on fire

Common causes of fire

There are many variables that can contribute to causing fires in churches but the main culprits tend to be:

Regular checks of church electrical wiring and heating systems will help you catch problems before they become serious. Our fire safety guidance gives details of how often these checks should be made.

Fire safety tips

There are some simple, practical actions you can take to minimise the risk of a fire breaking out in your church.

  • Treat candles and any other naked flames with great care, ensuring they are a safe distance from anything flammable. 
  • While any building work is in progress at the church, be aware of any ‘hot-works’ - our guidance can help you identify the risks this might pose. 
  • Make sure you have firefighting equipment in your church and that it is well maintained.
  • Carry out a fire risk assessment of your church and review it regularly, taking into account new risks and whether current control measures are effective.

Alternative accommodation

Services and bookings by outside user groups will have to be held elsewhere. To avoid closing down through lack of facilities, it is a good idea to consider alternative locations for these activities. This will save time in the event of a serious incident.

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