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Administering your church insurance

What you need to know about maintaining your policy, regulatory issues affecting churches, what documentation you should have and how to pay your premiums.

  • Key documents

    A Church Insurance policy booklet
    This document contains the terms and conditions of your policy.

    A policy schedule
    Separate pages with specific details for your church. The policy schedule and policy booklet should always be kept together.

    An Employers’ Liability Certificate
    To be displayed in your church or made available in electronic form.

  • Key regulatory issues

    Health and Safety policy
    Trustees need to be aware of their Health and Safety responsibilities under the relevant legislation.

    Fire risk assessments
    All churches are obliged by regulation to make sure they have completed a fire risk assessment.

    Safeguarding policy
    Every church should adopt a Safeguarding Children Policy statement and it should be a whole church concern. It should be adopted by and reviewed annually by the Church Meeting.

When you need to tell us about changes at your church

To make sure that you always have the right level of insurance cover in place it’s important you let us know about certain changes or activities at your church. The list below highlights what you should let us know about in some circumstances we may have to charge an additional premium.

  • Building works


    Call us if you are having building works at your church and any of these conditions apply:

    • The works are over £100,000
    • The church will be closed during the works
    • The works require scaffolding
    • Hot works such as welding are needed

    When you call us make sure you have:

    • The date of the works
    • Details of the contract
    • Type of building works
    • Cost estimate

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  • Accidents involving people


    If an accident happens at your church and the person has received medical attention or has been to hospital you should let us know even if you don’t expect an insurance claim to arise as a result. If you are in any doubt please contact our team on 0345 070 2223.

    Remember all accidents no matter how small must be recorded in the church’s accident book. Make sure you keep any witness statements and supporting evidence in case we need to defend you if a claim is made against your church.

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  • Changes of correspondent


    If the correspondent at your church changes please let us know so that we can update our records and make sure they continue to receive information to keep your church safe. We’ll need to know the new person’s name, address, email and phone number.

    You can call or email us to know their details.

  • Community outreach


    Many examples of community outreach are an extension of pastoral care which enables churches to serve those outside the existing church family. We want to encourage churches to undertake and support these activities but they can bring a heightened level of risk and there are regulatory issues to be aware of.

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  • Events and activities


    Church events and activities are a great way to celebrate the work of the church and bring new people in to the Baptist family. However, without adequate planning and organisation, there is a risk of them being marred by accidents and injuries.

    The majority of church events pose no problem but if you are planning a more unusual or hazardous event, like a fireworks display, please let us know before the event takes place.

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  • Unoccupied churches or closing churches


    Unoccupied buildings carry their own specific insurance risks. Trustees need to review the insurance cover they need and it is a policy requirement that you inform Baptist Insurance if your church is closing and will be unoccupied.

    We can explain the cover that is available and talk to you about the ways to keep the building safe.

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Talk to our team on 0345 070 2223
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