Baptist church surveys

05 September 2019

Baptist church insurance customers can benefit from a church survey and valuation service from a dedicated risk management surveyors.

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Determining the repair/restoration value of a church for insurance purposes takes into consideration many different factors. To help churches value their buildings more accurately, we offer a church survey and valuation service. Your risk management surveyor takes into account:

  • The age of the building 
  • External and internal dimensions
  • The value of the materials 
  • Coverings, finishes and embellishments
  • Historic features
  • Church halls and outbuildings 
  • Portable items.
Please note - the suggested sum insured will often be substantially less than the full cost of reconstruction from the ground upwards.

Risk survey results

Your surveyor will work with you to understand any issues or concerns the church is facing. They will produce a risk report, explaining the results of the survey and identifying any risk improvements that can be made. The report will usually contain advice on:

You can find out more information about our church surveys by speaking to the Baptist Insurance team on 0345 070 2223