Baptist Insurance AGM 2020

27 May 2020
In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the UK Government’s current guidance and restrictions on travel and public gatherings, the decision has been made to move the AGM from its traditional date in May to Tuesday 30 June. It will be held at the registered office in Gloucester.
In addition to this change of date, regrettably, under current UK Government guidance on social distancing and prohibited gatherings, it will not be possible for members to attend the AGM in person, and entry will not be permitted entry, unless both the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the UK Government’s guidance has changed by the date of the Meeting. The Board very much regrets the need to impose this restriction on attendance as it regards the AGM as an important date in the Company's corporate calendar and a valuable opportunity to engage with members. However, it is vital that the Company, its employees and members comply with the law and prioritise the steps needed to slow the spread of the virus.
Ensuring that members are able to vote and to raise questions on the business of the Meeting remains a key priority. Information regarding the revised arrangements for voting and submitting questions, together with details of the proposed format of the AGM, is set out in the Notice of AGM.
As set out in the Notice of AGM:

  • we strongly encourage members to vote on all resolutions by completing and returning the proxy form appointing the Chairman of the Meeting or Mr Malcolm Broad as your proxy to the email address stated on the Notice;
  • any questions on the business of the Meeting should be submitted in advance of the AGM by writing to the Company Secretary at the dedicated email address ( by no later than 11.00am on Friday 26 June 2020. 
Members should continue to monitor the Company’s websites for any updates and announcements regarding the AGM.
The Board would like to thank all members for their co-operation and understanding in these challenging times.