Broadmead Community Church, Northampton

A determination to learn and with younger members taking a vital role, technology enables Broadmead to play their music on a new local and worldwide stage.

In Mid 2019 Broadmead Community Church started to move into their brand new building. Within a few months, they went from a temporary platform in a small room to deliver Sunday service to live-streaming from the Pastor’s home to the whole world!

“It was very tricky at first” said Rob Kinning, Worship Leader and Volunteer Fundraiser. “We had to get used to new technology and not being face-to-face – a world we weren’t ready for. However, over time, we tackled the steep learning curve and have come to really enjoy our online offering.”

“We started with a small team investigating options to provide a live-streaming solution for Sunday services. One member of the church also enrolled in an online worship ministry course targeted at audio, visuals and technology for livestreaming. We purchased some new equipment and were soon livestreaming to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously to cater for the preferences of the congregation.”

Being out of sight is not out of mind – live-streaming has enabled us to stay connected and build many new connections.

Broadmead haven’t stopped there. They are continuously looking to learn and update their equipment and through technology, have found new engagement with younger members of the community.

“We were very fortunate that a local Christian company were able to offer in-house training and installation, providing training to more people. We have also been able to use some of our younger members in their mid-teens and early 20's who are studying this sort of thing at college. They have been using their skills in technology to discover that they have a ministry which can benefit the wider church. Some are now taking leading roles in this respect and also training other young people to join the IT Team. This is exciting as it illustrates that they have a vital part to play in Church ministry.”

The Community Church is very musical with a number of bands representing different styles. Technology has helped them to improve their live online sound – getting the balance right for the instruments and vocals. “We have also learnt about when to upgrade equipment and to what. For example, we’ve recently updated from wedge monitors to in-ear monitors.”

Two people on sound deck within church

Live-streaming has enabled the church to share their music-filled services with people as far as Singapore, those on shifts who watch the recordings, people who are not well enough to attend and those who are nervous about joining or being a part of large gatherings. During the pandemic, their live-streaming enabled the members of other churches to keep in touch with faith and community – ones whose own church were unable to provide digital services.

“We still continue to run the live feed and are constantly looking to further develop with improved lighting rigs etc. Being connected is so important and being out of sight is certainly not out of mind. It is a joy to be able to give people the chance to experience church, sometimes for the first time, and build and retain connections. All through technology.”

“You’ve made my day! – the donation from this competition will be a help for sure.”